6 Steps to Achieve a Perfectly Installed Blonde Lace Wig

Nothing oozes confidence, sophistication, and style like a good, quality blonde wig. A good blonde lace wig can transfer you from a plain Mary to a gorgeous diva within minutes of installation.

Blonde wigs add a bold statement to your look and attract attention to your face by highlighting your natural features.

If you choose to rock a sexy blonde wig, go for a high-quality one and install it correctly for you to maximize its potential fully.

Blonde wigs are easily noticeable- you don’t want people to spot a tacky installation that screams “cheap” from meters away.

So, how do you effortlessly install that gorgeous blonde mane onto your head?

Steps to Installing Your Blonde Lace Wig

You need to know how to install a wig on your head to blend seamlessly with your natural hairline.

Remember, you don’t want the wig to appear artificial, which a poor wig installation will do. You would want people to think that is your natural hair, even when it is not.

Follow the correct steps for an effortless wig installation, and you will never step foot into a professional hair salon ever.

These are the steps:

Step One: Prepare Your Hair for a Blonde Lace Wig Installation

The first step in wig installation is to prepare your natural hair for the new look.

Wash, detangle, deep-condition, and moisturize your hair so that when you install the wig, your scalp will not be itchy and dry.

After washing and moisturizing, braid your hair into twists, braids, or cornrows to keep your hair intact under the blond lace wig.

If you cannot braid your hair, use a stocking cap or clips to secure your natural hair and make it as flat as possible.

Step Two: Apply Some Rubbing Alcohol Along Your Hairline

Dab a little rubbing alcohol along your hairline, where you will apply the wig glue.

The rubbing alcohol cleans up sweat, excess oils, and makeup that may prevent the wig glue from sticking with the scalp and the wig.

Remember to use adhesive preparation gels to protect your skin from reacting to harsh glue if you have sensitive skin.

Step Three: Put the Wig on Your Head

Carefully place the blonde lace front wig on your head and position it exactly where you want it secured.

If you want, you can use eyeliner to mark the areas along your hairline where you want the wig to be.

Step Four: Cut the Excess Lace

After putting the wig on, use a comb to part the wig right above your ear. A lace front wig comes with an excess lace that you can trim to follow your natural hairline.

Carefully cut the lace using a pair of sharp scissors by following the natural placement of your hairline.

Step Five: Apply Some Wig Glue

After successfully cutting off the excess lace, apply some good-quality hair glue.

Place the glue along the edges of your hairline, avoiding placing it directly on your natural hair.

If you place it directly on your hair, the edges will rip off once you remove the wig- a perfect recipe for a receding hairline.

Slightly blow-dry the glue under a cool setting to make it a bit tacky for sticking the wig.

Step Six: Install the Blonde Lace Wig

Now that your glue is nice and tacky, carefully press the blonde lace front wig onto the glue after ensuring proper placement.

Use some rubbing alcohol to wipe off the excess glue around the edges of the wig.

Let the wig set for about 10-15 minutes, style it and voila! You have successfully installed the wig!


Perfectly installing a lace wig is easy; you follow six simple steps, and you are ready to rock with your gorgeous, blonde lace wig. When you follow these steps, you will save a lot of money by installing the wig yourself without visiting a professional salon.

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