The Difference Between a Pressure Washer and a Power Washer

Many people are unaware that a pressure washer is different from a power washer. Both are used for cleaning and decorative purposes, restoring dull and dirty surfaces to their former glory. People often use the two terms interchangeably, but they have some minor differences that a novice is not privy to. So, if you are asking yourself whether they are similar or different, this article is for you. But first, why is a pressure washer and a power washer confused for the other? What makes them similar?

Similarity Between a Power Washer and a Pressure Washer

The similarity between these two machines comes from the same primary function; pressure cleaning. They use highly pressurized water for washing dirt and grime off hard surfaces. They follow the same process to make your home fresh, clean, and beautiful. The difference comes in their way of use, as each machine does different cleaning jobs more effectively than the other.

The Difference Between the Two Machines

The heating element is one key thing that differentiates a pressure washer from a power washer. Both machines are robust and release a high-pressure water stream, but the power washer heats the water in its system. Both pieces of equipment may have the same function, but the only difference is how people use them for different cleaning purposes.

What Is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is cleaning your home with the help of a pressure washer. The machine releases a stream of water under high pressure to clean surfaces. Unlike a power washer that uses heated water, a pressure washing machine works well with regular temperature water but does a fantastic cleaning job. However, you will have more difficulty eradicating mold, moss, and sticky substances from concrete surfaces with a pressure washer. That is where a power washer comes in to help.

What Is Power Washing?

Power washing involves using a power washer, a machine that blasts away dirt, grease, and tough stains on outdoor materials. The device works by releasing a hot water stream under high pressure to clean surfaces. Its effectiveness in removing tough stains results from a combination of high-pressure and high-temperature on water in the power washer. The water does a fantastic job eliminating sticky substances like chewing gum and other residues at high temperatures, including mold and mildew. A good power washer will leave your sidewalks, decks, patios, driveways, and other outdoor surfaces sparkling clean.

Which Is the Best Machine for Home-Cleaning Purposes?

Now that you have distinguished a pressure washer from a power washer, it is time to determine the best machine for cleaning your home. The washer you use entirely depends on the cleaning activity to undertake and the type of stains to eradicate.

For instance, a pressure washer will work just fine if you want to do household cleaning. The machine is gentle on surfaces, so you are sure it won’t leave dents on your precious masonry, concrete, or brick surfaces. It doesn’t need hot water to do a thorough cleaning job, and it will leave your patio or deck squeaky clean.

Consequently, a power washer is a go-to machine for significant cleaning activities, including cleaning large patios, commercial spaces, and a big driveway. A power washer will make the cleaning faster and less exhausting, as the heated water loosens up stubborn dirt and grime. However, be careful on the surfaces you use a pressure washer on, as it can ruin soft surfaces. Stick to using a power washer only on hard surfaces, including concrete.


Both power washers and pressure washers are suitable machines for fantastic cleaning results. The only difference between them is the heat aspect affiliated with a power washer. A pressure washer works just fine even with normal temperature water, and it is ideal for soft surfaces, whereas a power washer deals with tough stains on hard surfaces like concrete. Choose the ideal one for you depending on the cleaning job at hand.

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