Factors That Determine The Cost Of Pressure Washing Your Bike

One crucial element to consider before bike cleaning is the cost of pressure washing. Pressure washer machines are loved for their efficiency and short cleaning time; however, their service isn’t that cheap. Pressurized cleaning is necessary to keep the bike in good condition for those who don’t prefer the traditional hand cleaning method. Some people have their items pressure washed without noticing the price difference between their things and others. We look at factors that determine the cost of pressure washing below.

What influences the price of the pressure washing process?

Pressure washing is a single process suitable for all services and is priced differently for each. The price variation can be attributed to the following reasons;

1. Size of the bike to be pressure washed

Pressure washer machines are expensive to buy and operate. As much as they are categorized into gas-powered and electric devices, they are also heavy-duty or lightweight. The heavy-duty type is mainly used in extensive areas and those that need so much cleaning. Lightweight pressure washer machines are for simple use and are mostly found in homes. Focusing on the size only, most big items cost more than the smaller ones. Similarly, pressure washing a bigger bike tends to cost more than a smaller one. Additionally, a bike with extra components is charged differently from that with standard features.

2. The surface designated for pressure washing

You cannot ignore the type of surface you want to be cleaned. Pricing is done based on the material or the amount of dirt in the area. Materials handle pressure differently in that rigid materials can withstand high pressure while delicate materials cannot. Those requiring more pressure are charged more than the others hence the price difference. In this case, the bike has more or less the same material. So the professional will focus on how dirty the exterior is. Cleaning an extremely dirty bike with mud, oils, etc., is more expensive than that with moderate dirt.

3. Condition of the bike

One of the reasons for always caring for and maintaining your bike is to save yourself the extra cost needed to repair it. Most pressure washing companies offer multiple services to make your item better. So after taking the bike to the location, it is assessed, and in case of damages, it can be fixed at a cost before cleaning. That cost adds up to the final pressure washing price. Therefore, the more severe the damages are, the more money you are expected to pay.

Performing maintenance on the bike after pressure washing

Some cleaning professionals clean the body of the bike, and they are done. If the person cleaning spots some faulty areas, he may opt to seal them off with a stain sealant or paint, depending on the extent of the damage. This extra service may be charged in addition to the washing process.


When getting your bike pressure washed, try figuring out why its costs more or less than the other person’s. A single factor listed above or more can be the reason why but some are negotiable while others are not. Size is something that can be seen clearly, but you can avoid the repair or finishes given before and after the cleaning to save money. Always inquire about the price before the process begins, not being caught off-guard with the cost.

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