How to Shop for custom nike cleats

Buying your custom nike cleats is a dream for every football lover whether you are a professional or a beginner. Aside from the cleats being extremely beautiful, it makes you feel like a real professional. Nike as a brand, made custom Nike cleats for the actual football professionals as it had their names, pictures, and sometimes numbers written on the boots. It is always beautiful to have something you can call your own. However, buying these cleats has a specific process you should naturally follow. This guide will look at the right steps to follow to buy these Nike cleats.

Understand the different types of cleats

The first thing you want to do is understand how many types of cleats Nike makes and how different they are from each other. All soccer cleats look the same, but for Nike, they think about many things before they make any product. First thing they Consider is gender. The male cleats and female cleats have their differences; hence, you shouldn’t make the mistake of buying the wrong one.

Consider your surface

Another thing Nike puts into consideration is the surface the boots will be used. We play football on diverse surfaces, depending on our location and access to amenities. To ensure your comfort on whatever surface, you need to buy the appropriate Nike cleats for flat surfaces. The different options of surfaces that nike Consider includes;

  • Firm ground
  • Indoors
  • Multi ground
  • Turf
  • Artificial grass

If you have a specific training field, classify it and choose a custom nike cleat that makes a lot of sense. If you still play at different locations, it is safe to buy the nike cleats for multi grounds. That way, your cleats have the ruggedness for any situation.

Consider your playing style

How you play football is different from how another player understands the game. As such, Nike has three different boot options for you depending on your playing style. If you love the pace and power, the mercurial is your best option. If you have a lot of great footwork and creative skills, you will need the phantom. However, if you like to control the pace of the game and the movement of the ball, the tiempo cleats are the better option.

Consider your level of playing

Your level of playing should have a specific effect on the types of boots you wear. You will not play properly if you don’t have maximum comfort on the ball. Nike cleats have boots for elite, professionals, and new players. This will ensure maximum comfort when you’re playing on the ball.


Purchasing your Nike cleats is a dream come true, so it is okay to have some excitement during the process. However, this excitement may be too much, causing you to make mistakes during buying. You don’t want to imagine or experience buying a Nike cleat that you thought was customized for you, and you had to give it out. That is why you need to take time and have patience when you are buying these custom cleats. You should follow the steps discussed in this guide as closely as possible. This will ensure that you get the proper item.

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