How To Wash 613 Wigs

Your wig will not stay clean forever. There are tendencies you will sweat into it, it will attract dust, or get dirty in other ways possible. When the wig gets dirty, you need to wash it to protect your scalp from irritation or any skin infection you can get from it. The thought of washing wigs may leave you concerned about the wig’s integrity. Well, the good news is that if you follow the correct procedure, you won’t damage the 613 wigs.

Use cold or warm water to wash 613 wigs and not hot or freezing water. Next, gently brush the wigs, and then apply shampoo, conditioner, and any other hair washing agent that you trust. Afterward, get to the next step and the next until your wigs are clean enough.

What are 613 wigs?

613 wigs are simply blonde wigs. They could be synthetic or human hair wigs, but they will both have the same blonde color. The wig got its name from the 613 hair dye color. Every dye color has a number, making it easy to choose hair color dye when you need it.

In other words, the specific color of 613 wigs is the same as the 613 hair dye on hair. So, it’s really no rocket science that they name the wig after the color number it has.

How to wash 613 wigs

Get everything you need for the 613 wigs washing process

You need clean, warm water, shampoo, a hair conditioner, a brush, a hair drier, and a few other things to wash 613 wigs. So, get them in place before you start washing your wigs to avoid distraction when you start.

Untangle the 613 wigs

Next, you need to untangle your 613 wigs either with your finger or with a wig brush. This step is just to prepare the wig and keep every part open to get cleaned. You can carry out this step in your spare time so the washing process doesn’t look too tiring.

Wash the 613 wigs

Now, put the 613 wigs in a clean bucket of water and make sure every part of it is wet. Then, apply enough shampoo to your hands and apply it to the wigs, while you massage areas of the hair, one after the other. Afterward, apply the hair conditioner to the wigs and also carefully rub it into all parts of the hair. Next, rinse the 613 wigs with clean water.

Dry the 613 wigs

Here, you can either use a hairdryer to dry the hair or keep it in a cool dry place for it to dry. However, it’s always advised to not dry wet wigs directly under the sun. This can affect the hair’s integrity and lifespan.


613 wigs are blonde wigs. The name of the wig came from the 613 blonde hair dye. 613 wigs can either be human hair or synthetic wigs. Whatever category they fall into, it’s good to wash them when they get dirty. Get them wet, apply shampoo and conditioner on them, rinse then dry them.

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