Popular Eco Tent Resorts That You Must Visit

It’s no secret that everyone is not a fan of camping. Some people can find the Great Outdoors more of a disaster than an adventure when bugs are present, they sleep on the ground, or there is no plumbing.

Glamping is a fancy way of saying glamour camping that combines the great outdoors with modern comforts and amenities. The glamping experience consists of feather beds, comfortable blankets, and a flushing toilet instead of hard ground and freezing sleeping bags.

However, most people are unable to find the best location for glamping. This article will tell you about 4 of the best eco tent resorts with cool interiors and beautiful surroundings.

4 Best Locations for Eco Tent Resorts

Following are the four best locations for glamorous camping that you must visit.

1. Beijing Xiangzhu Twelve Constellation Tent Hotel

It is Beijing’s first tent hotel and opened in April 2018. There are twelve constellations in the hotel, so this is the hotel’s theme. Beijing International Flower Port Park is where the hotel is present.

The hotel features a reception center, a ballroom, a multifunctional catering area, a leisure complex, and 12 themed rooms. The spatial organization of the hotel considers the constellations’ position in the starry sky, matching colors to the constellation themes, and customizing soft decoration to suit the constellation themes.

2. Tent Beach Camping Shelter Chengdu

The Chengdu Miaoxi Tent Hotel is situated in the Wenjiang District of Chengdu, in Shouan Town. The resort tent hotel has been under construction for three years, bringing together luxury, health, and art for the first time.

There is a Jiang’an River that surrounds the hotel. There are trees on both sides of the suspension bridge as you enter the gate, and you can see the Jiang’an River flowing under it, providing a serene atmosphere. A bird’s eye view from above makes it seem like it was built on a ship, and staring at it is fascinating.

3. Eco Canvas Cottage Tent Jiangsu

There is a Taihu Bay Camping Valley in Changzhou City’s Wujin District, part of Taihu Bay Tourist Resort. Approximately 700 acres are covered by the new Valley, which officially opened its gates in 2019.

A rich ecological environment and beautiful vegetation surround the park on three sides. At Taihu Bay Resort, you can camp, enjoy agricultural fun experiences, shop, eat, travel, shop, and enjoy camping. The resort encompasses much more than just camping. It is, in fact, a unique ecological recreational park.

4. Hezhou Hot Spring Bird’s Nest Hotel

There is an excellent view of the Hezhou Hot Spring Scenic Area from the Hezhou Nest Hotel, located on the mountainside. As it appears from a distance that there are nine bird nests, its name is Bird Nest Residence.

There are mountains surrounding the hotel. In southeast Guangxi, it is a famous tourist and leisure resort along with Jade Forest. The hotel features several villas with unique characteristics and designs. Guests can enjoy privacy and intimacy as all houses have spring pools and butlers.

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