The Best Vape Devices with the Corex Heating Technology 2022

Vaporesso produced Corex heating technology launched in 2019, but production of vape kits took place in 2022 after extensive research and prototype testing. From the 27th to the 29th of May at the Vaper Expo UK Birmingham NEC, Vaporesso launched two vaping kits bearing the Corex heating technology: The luxe x and Luxe Qs.

Luxe X

The luxe is the first 40w pod system with non-replaceable coils. It has a transparent body brings a sense of technology and future designs. It provides boosted flavor and more giant clouds despite its size since the Corex heating technology and Vasopresso’s Axon Chip support it. It comes in unique colors: silver, green, red, black, blue, and purple. It is incorporated with the Corex heating technology, thus producing authentic, lasting flavors.

Features of the Luxe X

The pod is 73grams, thus making it convenient to carry. It has a 5ml capacity, which is sufficient.

The luxe X is infused with the Axon chip and has a 1500mAh battery that can produce up to 40W. The pod’ uses are both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping, as it has two cartridges with different coils to facilitate this. This feature is like having two different MTL and DTL pods in one.

The luxe x has a fire button on the sides that acts as a power button and is used to generate vapor. The fire button triggers the sequence of small LEDs at the bottom of the pod that indicates the battery capacity.

The clear casing has three layers of coating to prevent breakage from dropping and daily abrasion. The luxe x underwent the abrasion test 1000 times and proved 200% stronger.

The pod incorporates the SSS Leak-Resistant technology to lock the e-liquid inside and increase liquid resistance to reduce leakages.

The luxe has an auto-lock that locks after 8s pressing and secured mode to prevent accidental misfires. The pod comes with a type c charger, a luxe x battery, 0.4 ohms, and 0.8 ohms mesh pod.

Luxe Qs

This pod has one of the most minor and robust pod systems. The name Luxe QS means cute but strong as it has an attractive size and design. It comes in colors: sunset violet, grey, blue, lime green, and flame red. It has the Corex heating technology to improve flavor accuracy.

Features of the Luxe Qs

The Luxe Qs has a bright and luminous holographic and a grating pattern that makes it more textured to prevent dropping. The pod is the most compact RTDL pod.

The Luxe Qs has a built-in high-density battery of 1000Amh that facilitates long-term use and has a 0.6 and 1.0 ohms mesh pod.

The pod has the SSS Leak-Resistant technology that locks the e-juice to prevent leakage and messy leakage during vaping.

To support different vaping needs, you switch from loose to tight. Luxe Qs is a small pod but can produce immense clouds.


The Luxe x and Luxe Qs incorporate the Corex heating technology that provides optimum flavor production, flavor consistency, reduced leakages, longer battery life, and low power consumption to give the best vaping experience. If you are a beginner wanting to explore vaping or a smoker who wants to find a healthier solution to smoking, go now and purchase any of the two devices.

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