Three things you need to know about weaves

What is special about Brazilian hair?

Brazilian hair bundles have been known to have a better resilience during humid conditions and other harsh weather, thus reducing frizzing. Frizzy hair is usually not neat and smooth since the shaft becomes variably wavy and is not aligned. People also relate Brazilian hair with a medium luster, thickness, natural durability, and soft feel.

Among the advantages linked to Brazilian hair include the ability to withstand various weather conditions, a natural deep black color, and a smooth and silky feel. Furthermore, the hair bundles are can blend with several hair textures apart from their durability.

Among the many hairs weaves, including Indian, Peruvian and Malaysian, Brazilian weaves are popularly known to be high-quality virgin hair. They do not tangle and would form an excellent blend with almost any type of hair.

How often should you do weave maintenance?

Many times, people assume weave care. It would be best to treat weaves like your natural hair because they equally deserve similar treatment. Cleaning your weave is a good practice, especially if you work out a lot.

On a normal routine, you should wash your weave once in two weeks. Though, if you work out regularly, it is advisable to increase the number of times you wash the weave. The ideal number of times would be ones every week to give the wig a fresh smell.

If you do not do good weave maintenance, your weave might pick unpleasant smells, debris, and dirt like your natural hair. Therefore, when your weave or other hair extensions begin to gain an unpleasant look, it is a good time to give them a thorough scrub.

Does weave damage the hair?

Yes, weaves may damage your hair despite being a great way to get away from dull natural hair. Weaves may also cause hair loss if various aspects are not put into consideration. Wrong installation of the weave might contribute to hair loss and general damage to your hair.

However, the primary thing that makes the weave damage your hair is the maintenance of the weave. If proper care is not followed, consequences such as the damaging of hair follicles. The moment your hair follicles get damaged, there remains a minimal chance for hair growth in that specific area.

How long can weave stay in hair?

Weaves can stay for as long as 6-8 weeks in hair but under specific conditions. Such conditions include a regular wash and combing of the weave. You should as well use good quality oil to keep the weave moisturized at all times.

Suppose you decide to keep your weave for longer than eight weeks. In that case, you should expect to experience consequent problems such as irritable skin, breakage, and building up of excess oil. These problems might lead to other issues such as hair fall-off and other related concerns. Such concerns might include but are not limited to tension around your hairline.

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