What is Sublimation Blanket and How to Use it?

Mug sublimation, smartphone sublimation, photo sublimation, picture sublimation, and goods sublimation all spring to mind when we discuss the sublimation of various products. But in this case, we’re discussing sublimation blankets. Products are said to be “sublimated” when a printing procedure is involved.

In the process of blanket sublimation, dyes are put to the blanket. Printing blankets is what it is, simply said. For printing them, blanket sublimation is a viable method. It’s extremely fascinating. With the proper equipment, this process is simple and enjoyable.

We will go through every process involved in printing or sublimating a blanket in this tutorial. This post will be helpful to you if you are a businessman or aspire to be one.

How to Sublimate a Blanket?

Here, we outline all of the critical processes in sublimating the blanket.

Pick a Blanket

To shield you from the cold, choose a warm, soft, and cozy blanket for sublimation. Any blanket that appeals to you the most can be chosen. It can be challenging to select a decent and suitable blanket. Select a warm, comfortable blanket for sublimation to make life easier.

Choose a Picture

Next, pick a heartfelt photo that represents you well. Choose an image that is dear to the recipient if you want to sublimate a blanket to give as a present.

Assemble all Materials

  • Select a blanket
  • Choose a picture
  • Select the printer or sublimation ink.
  • Heating press
  • Thermo tape
  • Apply a roller

Warm up the Heat Press

Pressing is done with the press. Before you start, first warm that press. It is necessary to set the press at a higher temperature. The ideal setup time for a press to generate a picture on a blanket is 90 seconds.

Apply Pressure on the Image

Use a press at a high pressure and high temperature. in order to apply sufficient pressure on the image for printing.

Copy an Image

Insert the image. Open the image on your tablet, phone, or computer. Use MS World or Canvas and the appropriate picture and style. Make sure you have ink and paper for your sublimation printer. Printing of the image is now possible. Allow an image to dry after printing.

Spread it Out

The most crucial step is this one. Roll it out with a lint roller. Take a link to the location where you want to print the image specifically. Stains develop if you skip this step.

Apply Tape

Cut the strips of heat-resistant tape while holding it in your palm. Put this tape on the table in a location that is simple to reach. The action prevents the image from relocating to the precise location.

Cover the Image

Cover the image with butcher paper after taping on the press surface. This will prevent the paper from spreading and any picture bleed-through.

Click the Picture

It’s now time to print the picture. For 60 seconds, press the image and then let off of the press. then take the press off. Your image is currently adhered to the blanket.

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